George Was Right AGAIN

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So I was just driving along in bucolic Palo Alto, running a few errands, when I noticed a white Mercedes Benz sedan in the lane to my left, just ahead of me by about a car length, with a Baby on Board sticker. I was reminded instantly of our patron saint’s routine about these things:

As I was musing on this, the woman driving the car (who by now was much closer to me) instantly decided to change lanes, coming within inches of ramming the side of my beautiful Tesla and possibly shoving me into a street sign.

Thanks to the Tesla’s amazing responsiveness, and my own fast reflexes, no harm came to me or my beloved vehicle. I also got a chance to test out the horn on my car (at length).

Besides the car’s agility, I also noticed the car quite intelligently shut off the music I was playing due to my sudden braking; after a little while passed, it resumed my music. See, THIS is great engineering – it’s those little touches that count!

As for the dipshit that almost rammed me………..I followed her for a long, long time, just to scare the shit out of her. I made sure to put my Crazy Face on too. I hope it worked.