Uranus is Bleeding

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I would love to be able to say to you that God came to me in a dream last night and provided me clairvoyance as to the future of the equities market. Sadly, I did have dreams all last night, but they were – and I am not making this up – about urea. I learned recently that there is a futures market in the stuff, and I guess my subconscious found this deeply troubling, so I spent an entire night dreaming about talking with loved ones about urea. .


I did have some daytime inspiration, however, and loving blogger that I am, I decided to spend my Saturday trying to figure this out………….


It’s an analog. Some people (like me) love them. Others despise them as silly wastes of time. You are probably somewhere in between. In any case, here is the “before”………(if you are brand new to the world of Personal Microcomputing and the World Wide Web, please note that clicking the image will give you a big version):



And here is the “present”. I have thoughtfully labeled the wiggles up and down. I am not going to go into more detail (although I am giving my Slope Plus folks a little something extra) but will simply humble offer up the notion that July (and the balance of 2013 in general) looks very bearish for stocks.