A 50% Price Gain I Can Guarantee

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I introduced the Slope+ premium site a few months ago, and I’ve been very pleased wtih its success. I’ve received a number of very complimentary emails about the service, and I intend to keep building it out into something better.

In fact, if all goes as planned, I am hoping to introduce a really awesome new feature to Slope on Thursday afternoon, which includes a number of special features only accessible by Slope+ members.

When was planning Slope+, I took a thorough look at the competitive landscape, and on the whole similar sevices seemed to run between $80 and $100 per month. I deliberately underpriced mine at $19.95, and I’ve decided to bump the price up, effectively August 1, to $29.95/month.

I want to jump in here and tell all you existing Slope+ folks not to worry. Your obscenely cheap rate is going to be permanent, in spite of the improvements coming to the system. In fact, anyone who signs up before August 1 is going to enjoy my Lord-Tim-must-be-dumb price. There are a few reasons I’m bumping the price up 50%:

  • I’ve got the 1980s on the brain – in behavioral finance, this is known as anchoring, and in real life, it is known as the “Tim should not be surprised when a dinner for four doesn’t cost $30 like it did two decades ago” effect. In short, I priced the service as if it was still 1982, and upon glancing at my calender, I’ve discovered it isn’t.qls-price-increase
  • Development costs money – creating products for Slope, and running the servers each month, isn’t free. It costs money. Ad revenue helps some (although, cough cough, not anything like it used to), but I want to keep creating great stuff, and it can’t come entirely out of my pocket.
  • The price is still way below market – simply stated, I’m dumb to be doing this for even $29.95/month, but I frankly think $100/month (or whatever) is overdoing it.

Again, the price change won’t take place until August 1, so subscribe now while there’s still time. You’ll get that price for life, as long as you don’t cancel.

I very much look forward to telling you what the big surprise is tomorrow afternoon. I think you’re going to like it.