I Hate Parading My Serenading

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The comical “buy stuff so we can close green on the Dow, even if it’s just a point!” market that we’re in doesn’t scare me. I remain short, and I am augmenting my positions. The sneering “It’s a bull market!” crowd continues to crow and cackle. I am a student of rational thought, and as I look at the charts below, they are jumping-up-and-down bearish:

Semiconductors, by way of $SOX:


The Dow “see a double top?” Composite:


The NASDAQ “we sure have run out of room on this wedge” Composite:


The Gold “there’s still a long way to fall” Bugs index:


The Dow “yeah, sure, this is a fantastic base for a big move higher” Jones 30:


And finally the NASDAQ “Amazon’s earnings will power us past 2000 highs” 100 Index:


And this is Tim “they’ll pry my bear thesis from my cold, dead fingers” Knight signing off and asking a few of you to click an ad now and then, for God’s sake (except, of course, for my beloved Slope+ users, who aren’t bothered with such trifles).