Crude Oil Cycle Review

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If crude oil has a dominant cycle, then does this mean world conflict has a cycle? Crude oil cycle watches new an upswing in 2013 was coming soon. We all know the correlation with $100 oil and instant recession that follows in the USA. Well what happens when you have $120 oil and 10 year interest rates higher by 30% at say 3.25%. Consumer squeeze coming. Get the feeling that he commodity bull run is about to start again. Metals, energy and grains have been hitting higher prices recently. This of course means the US Federal Reserve can never stop printing as the US has large bills to pay.

Russia may not like USA in the middle east on one side, but their income statement will like the higher energy revenues that come with it. Hey Putin needs a new hunting jacket, so some one has to pay for it!

The cycle below was found with RTT Cycle Finder Spectrum and What If tool.


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