It’s Always About Trust

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One can’t help feeling uneasy about revelations being reported everywhere. Doesn’t matter if it pertains to politics, religion, business, or family matters. The one aspect more than ever that seems lost is trust. No one trusts the other. Many times with good reason.

People today are bombarded by marketers, spin doctors, and more on not only a daily basis rather, near every moment. Everywhere you look someone or, some company is trying to tell you, “trust 0908-circusthem.” Problem is every time you do, they prove why you shouldn’t have.

Today there are issues facing us as a nation where for better or worse, trust is needed. Once again problem is these very same people we are supposed to rely on for trust seemingly have made a mockery of that very word.

This is not something in isolation. It is everywhere. So pervasive is it now within our lives unless it is something so outlandish, so egregious, we basically let them roll down our backs like water on a duck. We act as if lying is acceptable behavior now. It’s in the how much or, to what degree, we gauge when a line crossed. So much so its deplorable.

Trust is one of those emotions that has more in common with love than pretty much any of the others. You can work at gaining it from someone for eternity and, never get it. However, once it has been given, like the other – you can lose it in an instant. And, once you do you’ll never, ever, ever, (did I say ever?) regain it as you once did. Period.

Many throw around the “trust” issue in their business life almost as if trust is a derivative of marketing. Nothing can be further from the truth. Trust is your marketing. Without it, all the marketing in the world won’t help you if trust in you, or your brand, is lost.

Sure, you may stay in business but (and it’s a very big but) you, your brand, whatever, will always be tarnished. Odds depend on how severe the breech for the calculation of how exponential the backlash will be against you. It’s never a 1 for 1 dynamic or equation.

The ramifications for losing trust today are far more immediate and dealt with in an increased tenacity than ever before. One of the very reasons probably propelling this is the very fact people today have very little trust of anyone or, any thing en masse. All with good reasons.

People have been so bombarded with sloganeering, campaigns, marketing, deceptive ads, and more their initial reaction to anything that involves trust is – trust nothing or no one. The problem as a result of this self-preservation tactic is when trust is given, if a reason is shown that it was in error. There’s hell to pay.

Just like a lovers scorn is not to be trifled with so too is the scorn of someone who’s trust has been violated.

Say what you mean, mean what you say. Do what you said you would do. If you can’t, state honestly and clearly why, apologize, then move on. Never draw lines in the sand unless you intend to defend them. Never say something in public that you don’t want heard or repeated. Or, you’ll be regarded as the running joke in one of Robin Williams’ famous sketches:

I dare you to cross this line!
OK, how about this one?
Yeah, Yeah, how about this one?
Alright, surely not this one!
You wouldn’t dare this one!
Well maybe that one but not…….

It’s a funny skit because of the fine line of truth within it. However, trust is no joke nor laughing matter. Once lost you just might never gain any of it again – ever. Whether in politics, business, life, or marriage.

© 2013 Mark St.Cyr