The Dude And Iggy Football Review – Week 3

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Welcome brothers and sisters… and those that aren’t quite sure which you are… Another Sunday is upon us which means just one thing… FOOTBALL!!!  See if you can spot the Sloper’s at our wild tailgate party last week…


I was giving it some thought this past week, and football, specifically fantasy football is almost like a religion, so in talking it over with Dude, we’ve decided to start up our own church, non-profit of course, *wink-wink*… The Church of Dudism is already taken, so I’m open to possible names for what will soon become a vast empire with our own TV channel and website and of course t-shirts.  We will need a deity to praise which should of course be focused on player production on the field.  Please, nothing to do with Tim Tebow, he’s already committed himself to some other religion and mythical figure.  Give it some thought and post your ideas.

Iggy’s Fantasy Island

Another week of close games, not the NFL, who cares who actually wins the games.  The only thing that matters is how individual players do!  Week 3 had two matchups decided by fewer than 10 points and 1 blowout… Ummmm, msterling, where are you???? You have crippled players in your lineup!!


Speaking of blowout, what was up with the Carolina Panthers?  38-zip VICTORY?  I’ve grown accustomed to being on the other side of a score like that.  Simply because I won’t be able to do this again, I’m going to give the “Iggy Bacon Award” to a Panther, Cam Newton who sizzled this week with an impressive 3 TD’s in the air and 1 TD run wracking up a total of 34 fantasy points for his owner, QuirkyHumorGuy who also had WR Antonio Brown who went zooming up and down the field for almost 200 yards and 2 TD’s and knocked out CSC Cycling from the ranks of the undefeated.


I think I’ll have to change the name of the “Bonehead Bench Award”, simply because it isn’t always a bonehead move, but is more of being blindsided by a player that you would never have expected to go ballistic.  This week the award goes to TnRevolution and Josh Gordon who had sat out the first 2 weeks of the season due to a suspension and shows up week 3 to put up a blistering 34 fantasy points while sitting on TnR’s bench.  That scoring binge would have more than made up the deficit in his first loss of the season leaving the league with no undefeated teams after only 3 weeks.  I like it… we have parity and competition in our 10 team league.

Here are the head to head match-ups for week 4.


OK, Dude, what do you have for us this week?

Dudes Pick’em Chatter

This week screw football, I’d like to talk about Midnight Moonshine, now it’s not the classic moonshine you get from your Uncle Cletus out the backwoods but I got to tell you, it’s not bad for over the counter. I tried the blueberry last week, damn good stuff, and as I type this up I’m sipping the strawberry, found myself dazing through the rouge of the glass into the great outdoors and pondering the…. what day is it? I digress…


Alright listen up, bigolded won on the week via tiebreaker. Top spot was him, greenbuckeye, The Dude (hey that’s me, sweet!), Iguanadon, and JBmadera. However, I suspect foul play on the tiebreaker and I’ve written a sternly worded letter to Yahoo. Iggy why in the ((bleep)) do we use Yahoo? I didn’t even know this company was still around?

The “Dude Hangover Award” this week goes to Desert_Fox, this resident Slope funny man is not the best at pick’em guys but I’m glad he at least keeps showing up. DF I recently got into a $5 a week pick’em league, straight picks, tiebreaker is total points of the Monday night game. If you don’t mind sending me your picks this week so I can take the opposite I’d be willing to split the pot with you, say 80/20? email me buddy.

Last week we all looked like dopes, 9 of 16 claimed the top spot? We need to try harder, this week I’ve made my picks drunk on Junior Johnson’s Midnight Moon, let’s see how THAT works out… Good Luck guys, thanks for playing.

Dude OUT!… not quite passed out… yet…