Our Newest National Monument

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Actually, he hasn’t caved yet, but he’s still got a day. The man has shown no spine at all to date. He’s afraid of Obama for some reason. Maybe they’ve got some goods on the guy.

What I would love, love, love to see would be…….

+ A complete and utter stalemate;
+ A shutdown of the government for, oh, I dunno, approximately forever
+ Utter and total financial pandemonium and bulls all over the world flinging themselves from water towers. After all, they’ve made my life hard. It’s time for them to suffer. A lot. For a long time.

What we’ll get, instead, is Boehner mincing around, donning a pink chiffon, and surrendering for no reason whatever. As I’m typing this, the ES is down 13.50 points, and since I have 124 – yes, you read that right – 124 shorts, what will probably happen is that Boehner and Obama will have a wedding ceremony on the steps of the Capitol tomorrow, do a deep tongue kiss, and have the ES leap 20 points higher. But I’m going to enjoy the fleeting notion that we can keep red on the screens, misguided as it is. The cabal always wins in the end.