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There Goes Thirteen Hundred

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First of all, thank you to those who vo0917-RESULTSted on what cover of my new book they liked best. When I got the four designs, it took me about half a second to decide on #1 (the guy floating with the balloons). The majority of you folks agreed, as indicated by the pie graph below (green being choice #1). The book comes out early next year, and I’ll be sure to mention it a few dozen times when it does so.

Although I don’t have a position in gold, I have been tracking precious metals with interest, and I noticed that so far this evening, the psychologically-important $1300 level has been breached again. None of us know what the Fed is going to say tomorrow, or what effect their words will have on the market, but my best guess is that gold’s descent is simply going to accelerate. (more…)

Gold: “Taper This”

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The media love to get a hold of buzz words and then give them a spin and a life all their own. Recent examples were the mainstream media’s presentation of ‘Operation Twist’ – which was simply an official yield curve manipulation designed to sanitize and dampen inflationary signals – as an inflationary operation, and the ‘Fiscal Cliff’ drama that sent herds of conventional investors to the sidelines* when they should have been contrarian (and bullish) back in Q4, 2012. (more…)

Resistance to Support to Resistance

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The 1698.50 area is pretty interesting on the ES right now, because when it burst above this former new high on Sunday, traders were giddy about breaking through resistance. Monday, however, gave up much of these gains. As of this morning, we’re having another assault at this level, and I think it merits watching. My view is that the bulls kind of shot their wad on Summers, as discomfiting as that image might be. (more…)