A Book Lester Could Use

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Many of you are acquainted with the name Ryan Mallory as well as his web site, Shareplanner. Ryan is a frequent and generous contributor to this blog. He just came out with his first book The Part-Time Trader: Trading Stock as a Part-Time Venture which his publisher, John Wiley, was kind enough to send me.

Part-Time Trader is intended to help those who have a “real” job and also want to trade during the workday. Upon reading this, I immediately thought of the legendary Lester, whose own description on Disqus reads as follows:


The book is an enjoyable, breezy read with a lot of specifics about the ins and outs of subterfuge trading at work. Having read it, I am reminded how glad I am not to be living under the supervisory glare of a corporate workspace. What a drag to have to worry about how my monitor is positioned (I suppose the book could also come in handy for porn addicts, since it is filled with creative desk arrangements to keep your monitor private, although that isn’t the target market).

And, speaking of which, that last sentence reminds me of this hilarious anecdote offered by The Oatmeal. I highly recommend it.

I also want to thank Ryan for including a mention of Slope in the book (or, more specifically, my Twitter feed…….)


Those of you who are gainfully employed and would like some concrete ideas about how to marry work and trading would benefit from Ryan’s thoughts. And for everyone else, he’ll be here on Slope regularly to share his charts!

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