A Few Short-term Opportunities in Sight

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Admittedly I haven’t placed many trades over the past several weeks. Some may say that the more you trade the better. Increasing your sample size is the key to success. Trade small, trade often.

In some cases, yes, but if you are only trading a limited amount of highly liquid ETFs I’m not so sure it makes sense. Wait for the set-up to come to you…don’t force trades. And yes, while no one knows the destiny of the next move, why not allow pot odds to be on your side.

But my “cash is a position” complacency is coming to an end this week. In my free weekend report I stated that I would be placing several new trades early this week for the December expiration cycle. Well, the time has come. Tomorrow I will be placing several credit spread trades as well as the potential of an aggressively directional position through the use of puts (and possibly calls on some inverse ETFs). Subscribers stay tuned!

XLI, XRT, XLY, FXI and my recent favorite XOP. XOP has been very kind to us and I have mentioned it several times here for short-term trading opportunities. Another one could be coming soon. But I’m focusing on the first four ETFs for applying a few credit spread strategies, including an iron condor and a bear call spread. Moreover, several of the benchmark ETFs look ripe for the picking. Again stay tuned.

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