It’s Better Already

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Yesterday I introduced the ability to tag your fellower Slopers. The feedback was positive, but there was a very specific request: people wanted different icons to identify those who been tagged, those who tagged themselves, and those in which both cases applied.

Well, I made you wait a whole day for it, but the improvement is done. Below are three examples  – for Jesterx, he’s said nothing, and I’ve said nothing about him, so it’s a blank icon; for MovingFwd, he’s said something about himself, but I haven’t made a note about him to myself yet, so it’s a filled icon; and for Iggy, he’s said something about himself (naturally………) and I’ve made a note to myself about him, thus the icon-of-icons, both filled and with a plus sign.


So if I clicked on the icon for Iggy, it would show his message to the world (and it’s a profound one) and it would show my private note to myself about the guy:


If you’re not seeing this, just clear your browser’s cache.

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