Seven Things You Didn’t Know About Slope

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As Slope heads toward its 9th birthday on March 29, I thought I’d take a few minutes to point out some of the features on the site that some of you may have overlooked. Over the years, there have been a lot of features added to the site, and I suspect newcomers may have no idea what cool gizmos are hidden under the hood. So here are a few goodies you may not have known about on Slope:

Live Event Feed – there’s a live event feed posted on this page which shows all the activity on SocialTrade. It’s pretty cool to just watch it scroll by, sort of like the news feed on Facebook.


There’s an App for That – If you have an iPad or iPhone, you can get a free app for SocialTrade which you can find here – – like I said, it’s free. So you can afford it. Honest.

We’ve Got a Facebook Page – Yep, Slope is in the land of Zuck right here. Go ahead and “Like” the Slope of Hope!

The @ Sign’s Magical Powers – In the comments section, the best way to get a person’s attention is to address them directly. Type @ and then start to type their avatar name. You’ll be presented with choices matching what you’ve typed, and you can click on the right person. They’ll get an email saying that you have said something to them (typcically, that would be a question).


Slope Has a Cool Cinema – The Culture Page of Slope, located on this page, shows you some of the cool custom videos that we’ve created for the blog over the years.

SocialTrade’s Library Rocks – You’ll want to check out this page to see the interesting, hierarchically-arranged pile of thousands of “stacked” items from Slopers. It’s pretty amazing, and it’s fun to browse.

Slope Tweets Constantly – if you’re on Twitter, be sure to follow Slope of Hope on its 11,000-followers-and-counting Twitter feed. Join the Slope army today!