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I appreciate everyone’s patience with me today (as if either of us had a choice…….) but I’m on a plane now, and I’ve finally got a little time to toss out a post. It’s not actionable – – really more of a bit of technical-analysis-based gloating — but it’s interesting nonetheless.

I’ve pointed out Commvault Systems in my “favorite shorts” videos a couple of times. I confess this one was becoming a real bore, because it never seemed to finally “break”. Well, the break finally came today, and in a big way. This down-sloping head and shoulders pattern finally hammered the stock, as God intended:


I’m not going to pretend I have options on this, but just for a bit of bear porn, here’s a fine example of what this kind of move can do to out-of-the-money puts:


I’m traveling with my family over the next several days, and I’ll be sure to carve out time out of my familial duties to be a good Content Provider to you fine people.