World Premiere

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In case you weren’t aware of it, I have a 15 minute show every day on the Tastytrade network called 0426-tastyThe Last Call. You might want to check out Friday’s episode, as I’m in particularly fine form, if I may say so. And I just did. So I guess it’s all right.

During the show, I learned that Tastytrade is (finally!) going to premiere a series I wrote, produced (and, ahem) starred in called The Prophet’s Tale. It’s seven separate segments, the first of which airs a little after the opening bell on Monday morning (so I’m told). It’s all about the company I founded, built, and sold. Check it out; I think you’ll find it interesting! And, for Slope+ users, I negotiated for permission to put all seven segments on the blog permanently (once they finish editing them all).