Jobs: The Movie

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Today I finally got around to watching the movie Jobs (the one starring Ashton Kutcher)0408-jobs

I confess I had hesitations about watching it at all. For one thing, I am far too close to the subject matter. I have studied Steve Jobs since 1982. Even in the late 1980s, he wasn’t a household name, and my roommate in college pronounced “Jobs” with a long O (as you would say the word “robes”), which drove me right up the tree. I was into Jobs two decades before it became really cool.

Having seen the movie, I can also attest to having met half the people that were featured in it. The entire topic of Apple – – its entire history from 1976 to present – – is something I know fairly deeply, so I knew I wouldn’t learn anything new from the movie, but I was concerned about how much it might irk me with inaccuracies.

Well, it irked me in places, but not enough to have a fit. The trailer (shown at the bottom of the post) states that the movie was “inspired by true events”, and “inspired’ is probably a pretty apt way to describe the piece. It certainly isn’t a documentary – – I’d say it’s about 60% accuate. They way they portray Steve Wozniak is particularly off the mark. (Woz was portrayed by Josh Gad, whom I saw in person in Book of Mormon in December 2012……..but I digress).

If you have Netflix, it’s worth watching the movie. It won’t cost you anything. It’s not something I would watch again, however. One general remark I will make is that, upon considering the topic of Jobs and Apple, I seriously think one could make a ten hour movie and make it thoroughly engrossing. The tale of Jobs is so epic……..such an Odyssey……..that it requires far, far more time and attention than the absurdly compressed and chopped-up version of reality that the aforementioned movie contains. In any case, here’s the trailer……….