The “A” Team

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What’s Tim going to do on a day with another lifetime high on the S&P 500? Offer up short ideas, of course! Well, that’s my choice, isn’t it? After all, I could sell into insane strength, or I could buy stocks at prices never seen before in human history, hoping there’s someone even more insane who will pay more later. I dunno. I’m going with the former. For better or worse, here are four cool short ideas, each of which share one financially-irrelevant characteristic: their tickers all start with the letter “A”.

0401-aaww 0401-acat 0401-acgl 0401-agco

Slope of Hope bonus for evening viewers! Playboy! Well, more specifically, Slope Musical Saint Harry Nillson, featured on Playboy’s cheesey 1960s television program, hosted by a surprisingly dorky Hugh Hefner. It’s a total retro kick, and of course, Harry is brilliant: