Bouncing Toward Oblivion

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I’ve never really asked if Slopers prefer videos or just a long sheet of charts, and frankly, I probably am not inclined to ask, since I know what is easier for me – – doing a video! But there are certain advantages to a simple post, including the “random access” method of looking at the information (as opposed to watching a video from end to end).

Below I share charts which have a couple things in common:

  • I’m short every one of them;
  • They have broken critical support levels and have done important retracements to what I consider beautiful “fall-away” zones

I am showing everyone those symbols for letters A, B, and C – – – I’m doing a paralell post for my (beloved) Slope Plus members with all the rest of these ideas for the rest of the alphabet. Enjoy!

0817-ace 0817-afg 0817-ago 0817-ajg 0817-ce 0817-chd 0817-cr 0817-csx