Who is Preferred Trust Company?

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A few months back, I was looking around for a place to earn some decent interest in this ZIRP environment in which we all find ourselves. I was chatting about this at SlopeFest this summer, and none other than long-time Sloper BKudla said that his business did precisely that. Bob (Yes, the “B” is for Bob) explained how he put together an IRA-friendly business which, by way of mostly commercial real estate lending, threw off very handsome returns (I’m not going to cite precise figures, since I don’t know them now, but I think they are along the lines of 7% or 8% versus, ummm, about 0% at the bank).

We agreed at SlopeFest that other Slopers might find this interesting, so I asked him for a couple of ads I could run in the comments section to promote his business (and, yes, I get a small payment if someone signs up; I gotta eat too, ya know). The ads look like this, but if you never see ads in comments (because you’re a Slope+ user or otherwise had ad blocking software), you can get information on Bob’s outfit by clicking on this link. Here’s what one of the ads would look like:


Anyway, that explains these new ads. I also asked Bob to put together a straightforward description about Preferred Trust, which is his firm – – so, without further delay, here’s what he’s got to say for himself:

Preferred Trust Company is in the business of acting as a custodian for investors using Self Directed IRA’s, and businesses using Simple and Solo401k solutions.

Preferred Trust serves nearly 3000 clients, manages nearly 200 million of client assets in trust, since 2006.  Operations are located in Henderson NV.

Preferred is a full service Custodian, meaning if it is legal to invest in per the IRS, we can0816-selfdirect manage the account for the investor. Approved investments include, Real Estate, gold and silver, First Trust Deeds, Tax Liens, Private Placements, personal loans, etc.

Clients choose to use a Self Directed IRA to expand their investment options, take advantage of unique investment opportunities, and to take control over their investments. Many SDIRA clients also have a standard IRA, so no need to choose one over the other. Like a standard retirement account, all profits accrue tax free.

Clients choose Preferred for four main reasons

+ Uncompromisingly high service levels
+ 24 hour account access
+ Ability to fund clients investments promptly
+ Full service Self Directed Custodian