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Bullard: Super hawk gets in blab mode the moment the market begins to crater in October… we can always bring on QE 4!

Fisher: We need to raise interest rates!

Bullard (back in hawk costume, feathers, talons, sharp beak and all): We need a rate hike sooner rather than later!

Evans: No hurry to raise rates!

Williams: Fed should not be too patient on rate hikes

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Usually I get these headlines and sound bites from MarketWatch, but this morning’s entry comes from CNBC, another major pillar of a financial media that loves to get these stupidly contrary utterances from Fed speakers and amplify them for their 15 minutes of notoriety. Then? Poof, gone into the dustbin of history, with all the other dried out, cracking and decaying Jawbones.

It really doesn’t mean anything but it’s a headline and the media’s got to write something (many somethings) every day.

The simple solution (short of ending the Fed which, while I would like to see it, is currently pure fantasy considering the implied confidence backing global central bank policy making) would be to go back to the old days when the Fed just shut its collective pile hole and made policy, leaving the market to anticipate, react and adjust accordingly.

But then, the Fed has created another FrankenMarket and the fact that two members per week get out there and eat microphones to supposedly manage expectations, in my opinion shows how insecure they are with respect to the market’s ability to function without constant input. We remain in a policy bubble and no amount of Jawboning changes that until they actually do something.

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