Globalist Financiers Fleece Greece

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Greece was brought to her knees at the hands of its corrupt political class elites with the full support of an avaricious international banking cabal. Please don’t put the blame on the little old lady pushing her Gyro cart up the steep streets of Kolonaki. She was perfectly within her rights to assume that the leadership of her country knew what the hell they were doing whilst managing her distinguished nation’s finances.

Yet today, she has taken the full brunt of the fiscal pain, while those most responsible for this massive over leveraged abomination, namely the Greek political family dynasties and their complicit int’l banksters, continue to bask in the sun off of Mykonos on their luxury yachts.

Along with the privilege of leadership comes responsibility, it’s way too easy to simply blame the little people.

According to Atlantic Media today:

The Greek government might run out of money in two weeks. Orperhaps four. Capital controls are either imminent or a month away. Whatever the case, depositors are draining Greek banks dry, which could hasten a state default and, potentially, ejection from the euro zone altogether.

The four-month bailout extension that Greece got in February now seems a distant memory, with €7.2 billion ($7.8 billion) in much-needed funds still contingent on Greece drawing up a detailed list of reforms, which creditors are vetting this weekend. If they don’t like what they see, it might mark the beginning of the end for Greece’s membership in the euro.

The first mandate SYRIZA obtained from a sovereign electorate, who rightly rejected the corrupt old-guard Greek political establishment, was to offer to negotiate a more rational, realistic and productive debt repayment schedule / structure with the TROIKA.

That is what Alexis Tsipras & Yanis Varoufakis have tried diligently to accomplish thus far, if they fail because Brussels insists on sucking blood from a rock, then the next momentous mandate will be to leave the Eurozone altogether, and for that they will require a national referendum from the Greek people themselves.

Tsipras is much smarter than many give him credit for, he knows that he must be perceived to progress as cautiously and as constructively as possible, in order not to be pigeonholed as an extreme radical, which the EU establishment is so desperately trying to paint him as.

Make no mistake, the international banking cartel of our times are on a mission to dismantle the sovereignty of all people. Greece is the first nation to fully recognize and realize this craven conniving cataclysm, as pain often gives people proper perspective.

This Multilateral Central Banking Cabal and it’s high finance agents are planning to transition to a new international monetary order by devaluing the USD, as they fold it into the SDR world reserve currency, backed by a basket of the existing currencies of the major trading block nations.

This will serve to both ease the burden of the most indebted nation in history, the U.S., by permitting its outstanding debt denominated USDs to be debased, as well as appease the creditor nations, who will agree to have their US dollar denominated debt holdings devalued, because they now require a true stake in the globe’s future monetary system moving forward.

The only question remaining is will the global economy disintegrate before we get there……..

It’s a monumental trade, the U.S. gives up exclusive world reserve currency status, and in return its outstanding debt, largely held by the creditor Nations of the East, gets devalued along with its currency.

Worst of all, the Multilateral Central Banking Cabal doesn’t miss a beat, and actually further consolidates its firm grip on the global monetary order, as National Sovereignty takes a back seat to a Global Corporate/Banking Autocracy, otherwise known as Fascism or Pimpocracy!

I may not agree with all of SYRIZA’s politics, but I wholeheartedly back anyone who exposes the veritable and ugly truth about those who mendaciously manipulate our monetary order for themselves, on the backs and at the expense of the rest of us.