ES Short

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If you have followed our advice on April 24th, you may have had a chance to make some good SHORT profits on the ESM15 Future Contract (see chart below), we had a SHORT level with good odds of reversal (77.30%) at 2112, so a 30-40 points profit on the first wave down was possible (our model also provide the exit point for SHORT trades, making market timing easy).

Now a good, new going-SHORT opportunity is coming up in these days, as you can see from the updated SHORT model below. The ESM15 has almost reached a DAILY area where the odds to go SHORT are quite good: 2127.25, 63.82% overbought. WEEKLY and MONTHLY time periods are not supporting the trade, meaning that this is probably only a quick swing trading opportunity, however things may change if/when the market reaches the ~2140 price area. From there also the WEEKLY and MONTHLY overbought gauges will go above 50% in value and thus create a better-than-a-coin flip edge for the SHORT trader.

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