Sign of the Times

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Well, with 73 short positions on, constituting a seven figure portfolio, and ending the day virtually unchanged, I am hardly inspired to wax poetic about the “market” right now. I’ll leave you with this curiosity, however: while taking one of my dogs on a long walk to Whole Foods this afternoon, I passed this brand new sign, recently erected by the good people of the municipality of Palo Alto:


Thought-provoking questions, you say? Perhaps. You’ll notice, though, there’s no call to action. No text number. No web site. No Q-code. Just a bunch of rhetorical questions. (Including, oddly, what kinds of people “get” to live in my city; God know, living next to Tim Knight is every young woman’s dream-come-true).

And this, in a nutshell, is pretty much how I see the City of Palo Alto spending its bulging treasury. Even after all the very richly-paid city workers, firefighters, policemen, and hundreds of other gears of government (all of them paid deep into the six figures) are compensated, I take heart that there’s still cash left over to write, design, and manufacture a sign just like the one shown above.