“Greece Doesn’t Matter”

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“It’s just a little country. Their economy is insignificant.”


“The Europeans are flooding Greece with propaganda. The “YES” vote will win and markets will soar on Monday.”


Since the bulls love to piss on any bear parade, now they’re saying the EXACT same thing they were saying last Sunday” Yeah, yeah, the futures are down now, but none of this matters until Monday. Just watch. It’ll be green by the open!”

I know that. Anything is possible.

But, as I type this, I salute our brave Greek brothers and sisters for telling the rich and powerful of Europe to shove it, in spite of grave financial risk to themselves. The birthplace of democracy has proudly shown, once again, its respect for the voice of the people. (And, I might add, our beloved BDI was absolutely correct all this time).

May honesty and truth eventually prevail, and may Goldman Sachs, Deutsche Bank,  JP Morgan, and all their leaders and supplicants drown in a terrifying whirlpool of relentless financial pandemonium and pay the world for their sins.

This planet needs an enema. God bless Greek for setting us one step in that direction.