A Request for Canine Assistance

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Hi Slopers – – – I’m a dog fan, as many of you know, and my ninth (!) dog, Coda, was adopted from Doggie Protective Services. The woman who runs the organization emailed me earlier this week (the emphasis is mine):

In September our rescue van was totaled in an accident. A 22 year old was texting and cut in front of our van and both vehicles were totaled. Our insurance paid off our van but left very little for even a down payment. Our van is our means of transportation. We have been unable to rescue dogs or transport them since the accident.

We travel to No CA from So CA 3x’s a month and to Las Vegas 1-2 times a month. The van is used for all rescuing, vetting, grooming, adoptions of the dogs and/or cats. We also use it to collect donations, purchase large quantities of food, etc. We have placed almost 1000 animals this year alone and without the van we wouldn’t be placing even 50.

We rescue dogs who would otherwise be euthanized in the high kill shelters in So CA and because there is much more of a market for them in NO CA we transport them there. We are no longer able to do that and we can’t take in abandoned, abused and neglected dogs like Coda, right now. We need a means to transport them.

Will you join me in helping out? I have no affiliation with these folks except as a person who has adopted one of their “difficult” dogs. Click here for the link. Thank you!