Bid Up and Bled Down

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Well, for whatever reasons, “investors” bid up the stock of never-earned-a-cent Twitter today, and now that earnings quarterly results are out, the stock is down double-digits in percentage terms (I’ve tinted the area where bid/ask is right now).


The much more important NASDAQ firm, of course, is gargantuan Apple, Inc., which is (as of this moment) up a little. But I want to point out there is a huge difference between what Apple is doing right now (eeking out a tiny after-hours gain, which is still 13% beneath its high this year) and what Google, Amazon, Facebook, and Microsoft all did recently (roared massively higher to levels never before seen in human history).

Like I keep saying, Apple’s best days are behind it. Apple bulls are cheering, hugging, and doing each other’s hair, but the cold fact of the matter is that today’s NASDAQ belongs to the likes of Facebook.