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The ES market (S&P500 Futures) according to our quantitative models has reached a VERY OVERSOLD price area from where a WEEKLY rebound should happen soon. Lower prices are possible if the bottom falls off and there is a sudden crash, but barring that scenario we should be seeing a WEEKLY bounce this week or the next.

The ES chart below shows the ES market’s current situation:



Here below you can see a comparative analysis of DAILY, WEEKLY and MONTHLY time periods (our quantitative model). Prices around 1837.50 are OVERSOLD DAILY (100% limit) and prices around 1827.75  are OVERSOLD WEEKLY (100% limit). This means: anywhere between 1837 and 1827 the market is DAILY+WEEKLY OVERSOLD. A confluence of OVERSOLD prices across multiple time periods is a strong confirmation signal that the market is OVERSOLD, as explained in this video.

The RL Odds Calculators are proprietary research tables with information that helps the trader determine if a market is oversold or overbought, providing the trader with a unique edge and the ability to execute trend-reversal trades that have a high chance of success.

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