The A List

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I wanted to juxtapose two megacap stocks from the NASDAQ. Keep several things in mind. They’re in the same market………in the same timeframe………with the same public disposition toward stocks.

First, they’re Amazon: 0510-amzn

So this is a company which, in spite of famously earning little to no money over the decades, has become wildly successful in a variety of fields, particularly cloud computing. Most folks think of Amazon as a bookseller, but they are much more than that, and their brightest prospects have nothing to do with hawking books. It’s pretty evident that Bezos is a business genius.

Steve Jobs was, too, but unfortunately, he’s no longer with us, and that’s really starting to show.


Importantly, I’d point out that APPL is sitting on a very precarious shelf of support right now. Should it break $91.89, which is extremely close, I think you’re going to see an entirely new phase of selling (and the Tim Cook fanfare, already greatly diminished, start to collapse).