Sneak Peek – House Safari!

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For the past year, I have been hard at work on a new business which has absolutely nothing to do with charts, the stock market, or anything else I’ve ever done before. Instead, I have been developing a new product called House Safari, which is an app for the iPhone.

The product is, simply stated, a crowdsourced real estate database. In other words, it turns your neighborhood into a game where you “hunt” houses. It is useful for those shopping for a place to live, real estate agents, or folks (like me) who simply get a kick out of real estate and home improvement.

We are planning, after much expense and effort, to release this on July 1st, but I wanted to offer a sneak peek to the first 24 Slopers who write me. Now, please, I seriously only have 24 of these promo codes (the product is free, and will remain so, but I only get a small number of these codes), so only write to me if:

(1) You have an iPhone;
(2) You are at least slightly technically competent and like trying new technology;
(3) You live in an area with cool houses

If you’d like to try it out several weeks before its general release, drop me a line and tell me the email address you access on your iPhone (the link I send will only work if you open it on the iPhone itself).

We have several new features we’re going to add before the July 1 version 1.0 release, but you’ll still have a good idea what the product can do with this current pre-release version. Here’s a 30 second pastiche of what the app looks like.