Raison D’être

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Why are we here?

That’s a big question. Let’s break it down into four sub-questions.

Question One is…..why am I – – Tim Knight – – here on Slope?

I am here for a number of selfish reasons. First, I have a need to express myself. I can’t paint, I 1209-linuscan’t draw, I can’t really sing………so I write. I have been writing professionally since I wrote my first nationally-published article as a 15 year old boy, and I haven’t stopped in the many decades since. I’m a writer, and it gratifies me to share my thoughts with an audience.

I am also here for a monetary reward, albeit a relatively small one. My beloved Slope Plus subscribers constitute the vast majority of revenue here, which is why I try to give them the best I possibly can. But I also find psychic gratification in the knowledge that I’ve built a popular community here. After nearly a dozen years of doing this blog, it still amazes and humbles me that people elect to spend part of their lives here.

Question Two……..why are you all on Slope? There are plenty of reasons, I’m sure. Perhaps trade ideas (errr, although maybe not so much lately). Companionship. Sharing knowledge. It’s a pretty cool community, and like I said, I’m glad to have put it into motion.

But what about the bigger issue: Question Three……..why am I here at all? What am I doing with my life?

This has been on my mind a lot lately, and as embarrassing as it is to say, a highly uncooperative market is the principal reason. Let’s face it…….if the market has been, let’s say, steadily eroding all year long, we’d be just having a grand old time, patting each other on the back and hooting about how human folly had finally met its just reward.

But it’s not like that all. The smart thing to do for the past seven years has been all the stupid 1209-snoopystuff…………buy the dip. Just buy the freakin’ dip. It works every time. You can’t argue with success.

And frankly, there’s nothing that could happen at this point to prove the bears “right.” The Dow could plunge to 0 on Monday (it won’t), and the bears would still have nothing to crow about. A steadily ascending market for seven years is………let’s me look this up; ah, here it is……….a bull market. Plain and simple.

Perhaps I’ve reached a psychological breaking point, but waking up at 4 a.m. and staring at the ceiling wondering what the hell I’m going to do with the rest of my life has been a daily occurrence. What if technical analysis is dead? What if global central bank intervention has rendered charts moot? Quaint perhaps, but moot nonetheless. Where does that leave someone like me?

1209-sallyWell, Slope isn’t going anywhere. And I’m too stubborn to quit. But Slope may well develop in a new direction soon. For a long time, it has been infused with a Gee Won’t It Be Great When the Bear Market Finally Arrives ethic. It may not happen, folks. Our central banking friends may have this thing so figured out that the very notion of diminishing assets is as antiquated as mechanical cash registers and shag carpet.

I’ve got to say, too, this role I play isn’t easy. Dealing with the occasional dickheaded troll just adds salt to some very deep wounds. I can only take solace in the many friendships that I’ve made in the course of building this online community.

I am determined, though, to push Slope into somewhere new. Not just marginally new, but a true leap forward. This community is very important to me, and I refuse to let our fate be determined by the value of the Dow, no matter how high.

As for the fourth question on our two by two matrix……….why are you here? Good God, mate, I have no idea. I can’t even figure out my own life!