Slope Plus Price Hike

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Since the final month of the year is upon us, I wanted to make an announcement that, once again, I’ll be raising the price of the Slope Plus membership by 25%.

As I’ve told my existing subscribers, this change will not affect them, and I wanted everyone to know that you can still lock in (forever) the current price of $39.95 per month by subscribing before the year is over.

The reason I’ve raised the price is simple: I’m still charging way too little compared to the competition, which typically has a monthly fee ranging from $69 to $399. Slope Plus has always been underpriced, and will remain so even after this increase, but I need to be fair to myself.

As I’ve said in the past, I save all my best and most actionable ideas for my Slope Plus posts, and you will instantly be emailed whenever a Plus post is published. I won’t be mentioning this price increase again, but I wanted to urge you to subscribe now. Thank you.