The Wages of Sin

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The title of this post is much better than what I wanted to say, but I just wanted to whip up a decent comment cleaner before the trading day began. It has to do with the stock below, Valeant Pharmaceuticals.


This stock (which, among others, has been a very big thorn in Bill Ackman‘s side) fell nearly 95% in just 18 months. Ninety. Five. Percent. Pretty amazing for such a large organization.

I wanted to point out, by way of those green tint marks, that present prices are in the range of what, over the decades, has been a decent series of higher lows. To be clear, I’m not buying this creature, but for those with a very long view, it might be worth a look (and I see this morning that they’ve managed to sell off over $2 billion in assets to reduce their debt, so the stock is already responding favorably).

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