Stinging in the Rain

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We had a very big storm blow through the San Francisco Bay Area over the weekend. What would I do during what was called the biggest storm of the decade? Head to the beach with my youngest child, of course!

It was a very happy time. Upon reflection, it occurred to me what made it so wonderful:

  1. I was with someone I love;
  2. There were virtually no other humans;
  3. There were dogs running around
  4. We were just about the only people insane enough to be out there
  5. The scenery was very pretty.

A world with almost no humans and lots of dogs sounds pretty appealing to me. All it took was a big rainstorm to chase them out of there. We had a fantastic time.

My dream, of course, is for a market just like that………miserable conditions, stinging rain, and an almost complete abandonment by all normal people. It’ll come. And when it does, I’ll be out there, defying the wind with my umbrella. (Oh, and I see pipesticks referred to it as my “mom’s umbrella”; nope, that colorful sumbitch is mine, baby).

The past three trading days have given me a tiny taste of that, because in spite of the continued retarded obsession with 20,000, and the insane valuations, and the comically naive belief that Trump will not just be a competent President, but a magnanimous one, my all-short portfolio is doing pretty well. Today’s crude oil plunge-a-roony helped, and hopefully all the OPEC folks will continue to cheat, over-produce, and stab each other in the back. What’s bad for others is usually good for me.

We are at the cusp………the cusp, I tell you!……..of a break in oil. Monday’s action was constructively destructive.


Although only eight of my fifty-two short positions are directly energy-related, my portfolio seems oddly susceptible to what crude oil is doing. The eight that are in the energy sector are as follows.


It’s good to be past the holidays and back into a full trading week. Of course, with Martin Freakin’ Luther King Day coming up, we yet AGAIN have trading interrupted, but, meh, let’s enjoy the week while we can before we all go off and engage in those legendary MLK celebrations, parties, and fetes. I’ll be away from it all with my family.


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