Extension Granted

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I actually have a ton of trading ideas to share, but I’m not going to be in a position to record the videos until tonight (yes, I’m apologizing for not delivering to you…….on a Sunday…on a holiday weekend…..for a service you get for free……..so that I can tell you about a charting product I’m paying to have developed………..which you can also use for free. So, yeah, I’m soooooooooo sorry). If you’re not a Slope Plus member, please consider joining us. They keep this place running, and God bless ’em!

Anyway. Back to SlopeCharts…….

There are yet more features in SlopeCharts. First of all, there’s a simple but key feature when you right-click on a drawn object that now lets you choose a different color. I was dying for this one, because beforehand you literally had to go through FIVE separate actions to change colors. As it is now, bang, you can instantly change it.


You may also have noticed that extensions can be in either or both directions now, for both channels and trendlines. In addition, we’ve added a midline to the channel tool, so that you can optionally have a 50% line between the parallel lines you draw for a channel.


In any case, like I said, I have a ton of trading ideas, but they’ll not get posted until late Sunday night or Monday morning. It’s a holiday, after all, so we can take it a little easy. Except Tim!