The Sequence of Events

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ONE: Observe the IWM roar higher……….


TWO: Write up a post plainly stating “In spite of the record-highs-everywhere in equities, I’d like to quietly point out that on the small caps, we did in fact break a crucially important trendline, and we are rallying beautifully to its underside.” 

THREE: Endure catcalls and objections from NON PAYING readers………




And get a solitary encouraging word from – – you guessed it – – a beloved SLOPE PLUS member:


FOUR: And the end result………


All of which convinces me that only PLUS members should get anything tradeable and everyone else should get videos from YouTube and maybe some cute puppy pictures from time to time.

Seriously. Ads pay shit. PLUS is the only reason this blog is here. Speaking of which, big new feature coming for SlopeCharts. Only for PLUS. Coming super soon.

Oh, and speaking of ads, I’ve given Google tens of thousands of dollars over the year to have ads run. I’ve decided today that I’m going to KEEP the money for myself and let Google wallow around in their censorship and reverse discrimination on their own. Screw those guys. Seriously. No more ads. Growth will be strictly organic henceforth.

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