Bit Happens

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What an interesting morning so far. There’s yet another clutch of missile chatter from North Korea (what is this? the 4th time?), but the reaction to Armageddon is relatively muted. All the same, at least the color of the ES and NQ is right.

More dramatic is the plunge in Bitcoin, which has lost over a quarter of its value since the start of this month (which, according to my math, is a mere two weeks ago). Apparently the tendency of the Chinese government to want to control anything and everything within their borders isn’t helping the world of crypto-currencies:


Naturally, since human nature does NOT change over time, interest in buying these-here newfangled bitcoin things I’ve heard so much about and just read about in USA Today (please read the prior sentence in a bumpkin accent) has been growing on the interwebz:


Sadly, whoever it was that paid $5,000 for a bitcoin did not avail themselves to the wealth of information available on the Internet to dissuade them from being roped in like this.