Bullion Buffoon

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It wasn’t that long ago that when I felt like it was a good time to buy gold (that is, real gold you could hold in your hands), I would go out and buy some. But after a while, gold wouldn’t be doing that well, and I’d sort of realize that there was really no scenario in which it would be useful to me (e.g. there would never come a day that everyone was starving since Whole Foods would ONLY accept gold, and I’d be able to feed my family due to my good planning). So I’d dump it.

I thought I’d show when I bought and sold bullion, thinking it would reveal Gartman-like levels of bad timing. It turns out it wasn’t THAT bad. It was sort of bad – – buffoon level, I guess – – but nothing horrendous. Below I marked in green the buy points and in magenta the sell points.


This is on my mind for obvious reasons – – gold has been steadily ascending lately. It’s had a good 2017 in general, but the North Korea situation has been particularly good to it, prompting me to have that “I should buy gold” feeling.

However, I’m going to do no such thing. Which is why I’m posting this, because it probably means it’s a fantastic time to stock up on gold bullion