Nine from ABC

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Tonight I think I’ll share some of my favorite shorts – – I only got through the first three letters of the alphabet before I had enough symbols, such we’ll just do A through C. These are all “live” positions, and they’re all short (naturally).

First up is Acadia Pharmaceuticals, which has a well-defined diamond topping pattern (as always, click on the SlopeCharts image for a bigger version).


Alerian Master Limited Partnership is coming up against an important gap.


Axis Capital has busted a long-term trendline and has a very well-formed topping pattern.


Banco Santander had a gap down which seems to have permanently fractured the stock, so there’s a very clean division between support and resistance.


Buffalo Wild Wings, purveyor of fine cuisine to middle America, had a sensational top.


Cinemark Holdings, purveyor of fine cinematic arts to middle America, also has a terrific top, as well as a busted long-term trendline.

slopechart_CNK, which I suppose had nothing to do with middle America at all, also has a busted trendline.


Concho Resources has been violently lurching up and down for months now, and we seem to be approaching another intermediate-term reversal point.


Lastly, Cosan has a massive topping pattern (above the blue line), and we’ve been carving out a series of lower highs recently beneath the aforementioned pattern.