Under the Line

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Today is going decently so far. I’ve got three October put positions (XRT, AMZN, IWM) which are doing decently, and my short equity portfolio is overall showing a profit. I’m quite light right now, having started the day with 25 positions and currently at 39 (for me, “heavy” is like 80 positions). The uptrend on the ES seems quite plainly broken, and we are obediently remaining beneath the now-broken trendline. Overall, a mellow day.


Norm MacDonald Live released its latest weekly interview, and this one is with, of all people, Caitlyn Jenner. It’s getting a lot of downvotes due to the “ewww” factor, I guess (and I can understand this, being somewhat of a stick-in-the-mud myself), but I’m listening to it anyway. I’ve enjoyed the Bruce Jenner part of the story thus far. You might want to give it a listen. And if you don’t feel like it, there’s always this: