Improved SlopeCharts Interface

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I am pleased to let you know a couple of big improvements to SlopeCharts, and these improvements are available to all users. Please note that you should press Ctrl+F5 on the SlopeCharts page to clear the cache and make sure you are using the most recent version.

As new features have been added, the menu bar at the top has been getting increasingly crowded. At this point, it just barely fits on a laptop screen.


Since there are dozens of new featurings forthcoming in the product, this was intolerable, so what we’ve done is fold all the functions into a single menu. Importantly, we’ve also folded into the menu some of the “right click” menus that some people may not realize are there. It’s important to me that all of SlopeCharts functions are obvious and apparent.


Also, we have added the Oval tool, which acts very much like the rectangle tool. With it you can highlight certain portions of the chart and, optionally, apply a text note. Here’s the tool:


And – – not surprisingly – – it draws ovals.


Finally, I wanted to remind everyone that the Slope Plus coupon (which gives you one free month of access) is still live through the end of the month, and there will be NO other coupons this year. So if you want to use Slope Plus, including taking advantage of SlopeCharts features exclusively for Plus members, be sure to subscribe before the month is over and use the coupon code october.