2017 For the Bears

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As some of you may recall, when our man Gartman was asked this question, he had this response:


I would offer up a different answer myself – – maybe “blows” or “sucks out loud”. Something along those lines. Because, as you’ve seen, this hasn’t been just a bullish year; it’s been a never-before-seen, unprecedented, all-records-broken kind of year,with things like 12 up months in a row (never happened before).

I won’t bother digging up all the other ‘never happened before’ items, but they’re there. This is nicely illustrated with the bearish fund symbol HDGE:


And amplified by a view of volatility, which is basically grinding around near 9…….


How about 2018 and me? Oh, that’s easy. I’m way less interested in stuff I cannot control (like this idiotic, fake, propped-up, phony, manipulated “market” of ours) and way more interested in stuff I can control (like my beloved Slope of Hope, which is going to be reborn in an utterly new form with the new year). Suffice it to say the branding of Slope as a bearish blog is going away.

The new Slope approaches, and we’re hard at work on it right now.