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I cannot remember the last time I’ve grabbed my iPad from the side of my bed in the morning, fired up thinkorswim, and actually saw red on the screen. The ES and NQ are green. Every. Single. Day.

This morning, naturally, is not exception. Concerns about the let’s-finish-raping-the-poor tax travesty bubbled up yesterday, and the ES actually managed to fall a few points. Well, the chinless wonder won’t have any of that, so for no particular reason at all:


I just want this tax charade to get done with so we can all stop worrying about it. I have every confidence Senator Chinless is going to whore himself to whoever is necessary to get the notes needed the pass the damned thing. The clock is ticking, and with a mere two weeks left to get this done, they are all feeling the pressure. Still, once it’s out of the way (and all the optimism is fully loaded into equities), it sure does seem to me the market is awfully lofty.