Feeling Refreshed with SlopeCharts

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I have more exciting news about SlopeCharts which I did not expect; we now have live streaming charts. To use this feature, just go to the Preferences button and make your choice from this menu (take note that PLUS subscribers enjoy the two faster update speeds).


When activated, your chart and the price quote (like the one below) will periodically be updated. I plan to keep a screen up at all times with the Bitcoin chart, just because it’s a wonder to behold.


I am honestly wondering just how far we’re going to take SlopeCharts. It has already gone so much farther than I planned, and I am just going to keep investing in it during 2018. Tell your trading friends about it, because nothing will encourage me more than widespread usage. Before I went to bed last night, I left $BTC on my laptop, and this morning, voila, it kept all with the action all night.