Reflecting on 2017: Part Three of Three

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Preface to all three parts: 2017 has been an exciting year for Slope, and I went looking among the literally thousands of posts this year to find what I considered the most intriguing. I earmarked twenty-one of them, and since that is too much for a single post, I’ve broken them into three equal parts. Here, then, are seven of my favorite posts from the year and a few words about each one. Thank you, Slopers, for making this place thrive for so many years.

  • The Virgin Suicides – Even while vacationing on a tropical paradise, I get contemplative and morose.
  • EZ Disaster Guide – How come the mayhem predicted on ZeroHedge never works out? Read this and find out why!
  • Is the Difference Permanent? – In which I consider whether the permanent “Central Banker Put” and the extinction of bear markets might be permanent or not.
  • God Is Dead – Why has hubris stopped being punished, as in the days of old?
  • Elliott Wave’s Last Stand – Here I give our friends in Gainesville one last chance to redeem themselves. I’ll mention, as an aside, that their “highest levels’ for the market have been exceeded. Again.
  • Special No More – Oh, my. Another one of these navel-gazing things. I guess 2017 was tough on Tim.
  • Quixey Makes Sense Now – Is a well-funded startup guaranteed to survive? Nope.

And, as a final bonus, I present to you this post – Bitcoin’s Bullish Base. It isn’t beautifully written like the other twenty-one posts I’ve mentioned in these retrospectives, but it’s definitely the best trading idea I’ve ever had in Slope’s history.

Here’s to a better 2018!