Heal, Baby, Heal!

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There has never been a time in my life I’ve been applauding and cheering bulls more than now. I lay awake sleepless now worrying about the market collapsing, whereas I used to worry about market strength. But now the tide has turned, and I have different priorities.

As I’ve said endlessly here and on my broadcast, I need us to rally up to another shorting point. We’re getting there. My tragic character flaw is impatience, so that’s what I’ve got to fight right now. Which of these two lines will mark the terminus is unknown to me. But calmness and wisdom is the order of the day, not haste.


And if you want any evidence as to the seismic shift that has taken place, look no further than this bewildered tweet, indicating a man utterly unaware of classic relationships between mass psychology and financial markets.


At least it isn’t as bad as wishing a corpse a happy birthday, which was the previous tweet.