Like a National Guitar

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I feel that I’ve seen a dystopic future of the United States.

Here I am, visiting Memphis. I want to be clear that the weather is pleasant and I did this stroll in the middle of the day, so there’s no reason to see what I saw. Or, more specifically, to not see what I didn’t see, which is: other humans. I’ve been here for days, and it’s like something out of a science fiction novel. There’s nobody here. Morning, noon, or night, except for the occasional schizophrenic, there isn’t a soul. I took a few photos during my walk (and this is referred to as maps, literally, as Core Downtown):


Looking toward the De Soto bridge……


Staring up at the tallest building in the city (FUN FACT: it has been abandoned and shuttered for years, and it sold in August 2013 for a fraction of what my own modest residence is worth).


And countless abandoned, shuttered storefronts:


At least I was able to find ONE friend in town.