The Well-Adjusted Chart

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Someone asked me on Twitter if I’d seen a surge in subscriptions lately. I sure have! It’s either feast or famine for me. Along with this fantastic selloff, which has done wonders for my portfolio, my little business of Slope is also thriving!

So in order to encourage more of you to subscribe (you can learn about the PLUS membership here), I have added yet another two cool new features to SlopeCharts: Unadjusted Data and Earnings Information.

As most of you know, the chart data is back-adjusted to take into account splits and dividends. This means the chart avoids the kinds of “gaps” you might see if you just blithely chained the historical price data today. However some people WANT unadjusted data, perhaps to review historical trades at the prices they really took place at, etc. I’m pleased to say you can now choose between adjusted and unadjusted data with a simple checkbox in the Preferences:


Adjusted data normally looks like this………..

slopechart_AAPL (1)

Take away the adjustments and BANG, quite a different result! The untrained observer would think that Apple actually fell from about $700 to $100 overnight, when in fact it was simply a stock split. The same holds true for dividends, although the effect on price is normally too small to notice.


The other much spiffier thing we have now is earnings dates information. Right-click on the chart, and you can toggle between Show Earnings and Hide Earnings. I’ll leave it to you to figure out what these functions do.


If you choose to Show Earnings, VOILA, there is a dollar sign at every instance when earnings were announced. As you know, these events tend to move prices!


Point to one of these dollar signs, and VOILA AGAIN, it tells you the date of the announcement as well as whether it took place before or after normal market hours. Pretty neat, huh?


PLUS users enjoy these features immediately, and again, I encourage those of you who have been on the fence about subscribing to make the leap. The new Slope of Hope, coming within weeks, is going to make PLUS even more valuable.