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I was looking forward to the Tesla earnings after the close yesterday. Legions of bulls and bears were on either side, preparing for battle – – and some kind of shock. So……..the earnings came out………and………nothing.

Seriously. It was incredible. Although the stock bounced around some at first, after a little while, it was just a few pennies from where it was at its multi-hundred dollar close. It was about as exciting an after-hours session as a public utility company’s earnings report.

And then……………the conference call. Which, you’ve probably already heard, was insane. Maybe Musk is losing his mind, or just has stopped caring about the common people which haven’t been worshipped into deities like him, but he was going wiggy about completely sensible questions.


Well, ya know, analysts are funny about being given the cold shoulder. It doesn’t do wonders for their desire to support the stock.


And what’s been going on isn’t just a blip either. The stock has lost 30% in a mere seven months, and the failed bullish breakout is a monster. Musk has been taunting and berating the shorts for their foolishness. Now………..not so much.


He might want to consider mass-producing the Flufferbot he was bemoaning on the conference call. It sounds like a perfect anecdote for a lonely day trading.

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