Put Yourself On Notice

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Just a friendly tip – please be sure your Notifications are set the way you want. A Sloper wrote me (a PLUS member, actually, which is even a more advanced form of the species) wondering why he wasn’t getting notified when new posts were put up. He checked his notifications and, voila, found out they were turned off. So click here to double-check that your custom settings are to your liking.


Incidentally, for those of you wondering why you haven’t been getting comments emailed to you – – the reason is that we managed to break that during the move. It’s on the list to get fixed, but I have basically cleared the decks of ALL development to focus on the faster comments system. So hang in there. Comments have to come first, since that’s such a huge part of the site.

As for the markets………how much can one say about a day in which the SPY moved only a few hundredths of a single percentage point? For me, the standouts remain my January 2019 put options on TLT, which had another important failure today……….


……as well as the XLU………


I’m not sure if I’ll have anything to add, but we shall see. On, and for those who aren’t subscribed to PLUS yet, remember there’s a coupon you can use on the subscription page (“newslope“) that will get you a free month to try it out.