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Hello everyone. I’m still questioning my sanity removing ads from the site. The ads basically cover my entire mortgage bill, and I got rid of them mainly for aesthetics, speed, and out of the hope that, over time, people would decide to sign up for a PLUS membership and get the full benefit of the site. We shall see. I’m going to give it a few weeks to see if memberships start to grow. If they do, I think I’ll stay ad free. If not, I’ll probably bury this place in ads. I’d prefer to focus on PLUS, though!!

As for the markets – – today was obviously a good and encouraging day. The very important Dow Composite has been making good progress lower, but it MUST – – and I say again, MUST – – break the trendline shown below. This grind is agonizing and has got to stop!

The insanely-valued NASDAQ Composite gave up some ground today. What is INCREDIBLE to me is today’s range PERFECT spanned the two horizontals I had drawn weeks ago. I  am talking about pixel perfect. Just…………WOW. Anyway, we need to break the yellow tinted area to really kick Netflix and Amazon fan-boys in the teeth.

The Dow 30 chart is a bore. Obviously we need to break the yellow tint here, and that’s a good thousand points away.

The NASDAQ 100, importantly, has a failed bullish breakout.

Lastly, the small caps, represented by the Russell 2000, has been repelled by the resistance trendline. You can see via those arrows what happened last time.

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